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Examples of past projects:


Continuity of Operations

A major telecommunications company needed to protect the processes responsible for generating several billion dollars of annual revenue. NeoNexus conducted a business operations analysis and risk analysis, and then produced a Continuity of Operations Plan. This plan not only satisfied the regulatory and audit requirements of the organisation, but more importantly it provided clear, consistent and detailed instructions on how to maintain business operations in the event of disruption to standard processes. The review also highlighted areas of operational and infrastructure weakness that could be rectified in a structured way.

Server replacement

A small recruitment company was suffering from poor performance and lack of reliability from their server. NeoNexus recommended and implemented a replacement system that improved performance and reliability and increased functionality by allowing remote access to business systems and control over critical business functions.







Security System

A services firm that provides  mission critical on-line services to the legal profession was suffering from poor security systems. NeoNexus designed and implemented a reliable and secure multi tired firewall system at a fraction of the cost of the solution being quoted by the consulting arm of a prominent networking equipment vendor.  Along with major cost savings on the system, uptime has improved and the network functionality has resulted in major productivity improvements within the organization.


ERP System Implementation

A small organization with complex business requirements was gaining almost no value from an expensive finance and business operations system that had been poorly specified. A systems review by NeoNexus revealed that the system should be replaced. NeoNexus provided the analysis, specification and selection services to find and implement a new system that matched real business needs. This resulted  major cost reductions, increased customer satisfaction and improved revenues.



Complete technology refresh

A charitable organization was frustrated by outdated systems that did not work well together. NeoNexus provided a blueprint for replacing all desktop systems with a standard operating environment and a server system that was capable of streamlining communications and business processes along with enhanced access to business documents. Also, services previously handled by outside organisations were brought in-house. The result has been a stable system leading to improved staff morale, increased productivity from a largely volunteer workforce and cost savings.