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Software Development

Tailor made systems for your business

While we firmly believe that packaged software should be considered in the first instance, there are some cases where it is just not possible to solve a business problem with an off the shelf system.

Vendors of packaged solutions will often offer customisation tools to fill this gap, (at additional cost.) While this approach appears ideal, it can lead to excessive upgrade costs due to high consultancy and programming requirements. This trap can be avoided by ensuring that the software is designed to support customisation without core code changes. Where the above approach does not provide a solution, custom software may be the answer.

NeoNexus is able to responsively build custom software quickly to help our customers grow their business or make themselves more efficient. To do this we use the following Software Development Cycle to make sure that our customer's software is released and updated often, allowing for new features and growth.

Analyze ( 1 )
NeoNexus will sit with you and analyze your project and how it relates to your business goals. We will collect data and documents from your organization related to how things are currently done at your office and how these processes can be improved.

Quote & Approve ( 2 )
NeoNexus will provide to you a quote to build your project with a detailed analysis of the functional points and time involved in building them.

Mockup ( 3 )
A picture is worth a thousand words and using our prototyping systems we will provide you with a model of the functionality of the new system.

Create ( 4 )
NeoNexus will create the code that powers the program, using our Rapid Application Delivery tools.

Stage & Test ( 5 )
NeoNexus gives clients the ability to see features and releases as we are creating them.

Release ( 6 )
When the new release has been tested and is on staging, we will then put the release into production for use by our clients. 


  • Systems designed to fit in exactly with the way that your business operates.

  • Interface with other software within your company.
  • Use business processes which do not exist in any packaged solution.
  • Gain significant business advantage over your competition.