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Selection & Sourcing

The right technology at the right price

When it comes to the systems that support your critical objectives, just keeping up is not enough. To compete, you need to stay at ahead of the competition and maximize your technology investments. We help you reach those goals by assuring your systems fit both current and future strategies.

Selecting or upgrading your organizationís information system is a crucial and costly decision. Itís time consuming to determine what to automate and how best to do it. Not to mention the catastrophic implications of selecting the wrong computer hardware, software, applications and technology infrastructure.

By selecting the right system, your organization will realize improvements in operation performance while delivering a higher level of service and value to your stakeholders.

Our approach to systems selection includes the following elements:

 Strategic assessment:
Your current IT systems and technologies are analyzed with respect to your business strategy.

Business requirements definition:
We define your specific business requirements for a particular technology or information system and ensure this fits your strategic business plan.

IT system specification:
We help to develop detailed technical specifications for your IT system.

System evaluation and selection criteria:
Guidelines and recommendations are created for evaluating and selecting products and vendors to fulfill your technology needs. We prioritize features according to your business needs.

Contract review and negotiation:
We prepare new contracts and service agreements and review those already in place.




  • Objective decision making methods

  • Value for money for your technology investments