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Project Management

Planning, execution and management

Are you embarking on major changes to your business?

Perhaps you intend to implement a new business system. Or possibly you need to move to a new office because of healthy expansion.

Would you like to manage this yourself but are finding the IT aspects daunting? Possibly you would like to hand over the whole project for someone else to manage.

We can help you with elements of the equation or the entire thing.

For example, if you are moving, have you thought about:

  • The servers space, power, air conditioning, adequate housing , security, firewalls, storage, backup, email

  • What networks you need? LAN, WAN, VPN, Wireless Cabling how many floor ports, costs, alternatives

  • Telephony, VoIP, faxes, printers, photocopiers, time to deliver and install, number changes

  • Connectivity to the Internet requirements, likely growth,

  • Can your business afford any down time?

  • How do you move all systems without causing downtime? How long does all this realistically take?

  • Risk analysis

  • Communicating relevant info to all parties at all times - staff, utility services, cleaners, your customers/suppliers etc T

  • he human side, the upheaval, change in travel patterns and its impact to the business, compensation etc 



  • Full Project documentation.

  • Full Management involvement to ensure Project success.

  • No Hidden surprises.

  • Use of proven methodologies & tools.

  • Able to bring projects in on time & to budget.

  • Knowledge that your key projects are being professionally controlled.



You only reach your goal if you plan ahead