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Security & Business Continuity

Keeping you business running

Protecting your data is protecting your business. Could you recover if your lost you accounts data? Or all your server data? What if the server failed or became unavailable (i.e. was stolen or destroyed by fire). What if your building was destroyed, or if you could not get access to it?

These and many other issues face a modern business.

There is no one solution, each company has different needs. NeoNexus can help provide a planned solution that protects your business.

The risk management and continuity planning process can involve many different business aspects and is not restricted to IT issues. We take a whole of business approach to risk assessment, continuity of operations and disaster recovery planning - we help formalise and structure your approach to strategic and operational risk. Our methodology takes into account the complex competitive, regulatory and environmental factors that affect achievement of your strategic goals.

The Insurance Council of Australia have stated that "... By identifying and managing potential risks, a business may be rewarded with lower insurance premiums". Our Risk Management tools and Continuity of Operations Planning may help you reduce costs as well as provide better governance.

Our planning and implementation methodology links business processes, supporting infrastructure and key people. We look at mitigation strategies such as physical and data security, alternative operations processes, fault tolerant systems, on site and off site data backup, firewalls, antivirus and anti-spam software.

No matter what size your business, we provide plans and strategies allowing you to continue your business should a disruptive event occur.

  • Reduces business disruption

  • Minimises potential loss of income to the business

  • Provides quick reference and Action Plans on what to do

  • Provides staff with clear guidance

  • Risk assessment and management systems for better business governance