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Information Technology is having a dramatic impact on all aspects of commercial life.  Companies which have openly embraced technological advances have benefited enormously.

NeoNexus was incorporated in 2004, with the primary aim of providing strategic business advantage through innovative use of Information Technology. It is an outgrowth of Eclipse Digital - an IT management consultancy that has operated in the Australian market for 11 years. NeoNexus is a young, dynamic and professional company based in Sydney. It was formed to help our customers appreciate and take advantage of the rapid changes within the IT industry.

Our high calibre team is fully conversant with the latest technology trends and is ideally suited to assist you in gaining real competitive advantage from Information Technology.

Our vision is to be Australia's leading provider of consulting services that provides new connections between real business need and innovative Information Technology solutions.

Our mission is to make our customers successful by applying smart technology solutions to achieve excellence within their business operations.

This mission will be delivered through:

  • Continued customer and market focus, ensuring we continue to satisfy customers needs
  • On-going commitment in maintaining and improving levels of customer service
  • Building expertise with market leading vendors to guarantee quality services for our clients
  • Remaining at the leading edge by keeping abreast of emerging trends and new events

NeoNexus values its position as "most trusted business advisor."  Since our inception, we have stood behind our decision to maintain independence from vendors, ensuring that we act on your behalf in providing unbiased and independent services and advice. We are focused on business outcomes as opposed to technology sales.

Our name? It reflects our vision: Neo - new & Nexus - connections

We are in business for the long haul and will do all we can to maintain the integrity of relationships with our clients. 

We will be YOUR representative and will not pay or receive any fees or commissions from any parties without your complete awareness. 

We will strive to be straightforward in our dealings with you, will listen carefully and give support when you need it, and will treat you with respect- even when we disagree.

We will challenge you to excellence and will do everything in our power to help you succeed in creating and implementing your firms vision.