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General consulting work during standard business hours is billed hourly $165 per hour plus GST. Unless otherwise agreed, a minimum fee of 4 hours applies. Travel is not included in billable time in the Sydney Metropolitan region. Where the client explicitly requests work to be performed outside standard business hours, this will be billed at 1.5 times the standard rate.

For work requested outside Sydney, domestic travel time  will be billed at standard hourly rates.

For work requested at international locations, a rate of $AU1,600 per day  plus GST applies for each day (or part thereof) spent outside Sydney, including travel days and weekends.

Standard Business Hours:
8am to 6pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays

Expense charges include reimbursement of cost times a factor of 1.2. Expenses for work outside the Sydney metropolitan region includes (but is not limited to) travel, meals and accommodation.

While we do not usually supply software and equipment, where this is specifically requested by the client we will supply a quotation prior to supply. Miscellaneous items such as cables and parts will be charged as expenses.

Our engagement formally commences by the issue of a valid purchase order or other written communication, properly authorised by the Customer, accepting these terms. In most cases a retainer is not required.

Payment Terms:
Payment terms are net 14 days.

(Rates, Standard Business Hours and expense charge uplifts published here are subject to revision without notice. Terms in force at the time an engagement commences will remain fixed for the duration of the engagement.)