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NeoNexus has recently completed a major Business Continuity Plan for one of Australia's largest organisations. This project included putting in place updated governance processes and embedding business continuity and risk management within the culture of the organisation.

Contact us to learn how you can mitigate risk within your company, and have the plans and processes in place to ensure that you stay in business if the unforseen should happen.

Neonexus has provided enterprise architecture services and IT strategy advice to one of Australia's largest manufacturers. This has involved improvements to the internal IT organisation, changes to the IT governance model and significant rationalisation and cost savings initiatives.

Contact us to discuss how a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture and IT governance can help your organisation ensure its IT systems fully support your business strategy.

NeoNexus has recently started using a PDF editing package called INfix from Iceni Technology. Our problem was reporting the web based time sheet system we use. The system produces PDF reports that are sent to clients on a monthly basis. While the canned reports that came with the system were fine for internal use, there were some data and formatting issues that were not suitable when sending the reports to clients. Rather than paying a considerable sum for the timesheet system vendor to produce custom reports, we looked for a way of editing the existing output. INfix fitted the bill perfectly, allowing our clerical staff to quickly remove the un-wanted data and fix the formatting. It also allows us to add additional comments to the report summaries on an ad hoc basis. 

INfix works much like a word processor, allowing intuitive WYSIWYG editing of text and graphics, and it required no training for our staff. We investigated several other editors, but none came close. We can highly recommend INfix for any organisation that has a need to edit PDF files.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Questions

The focus on the "cloud" has significant  implications for how you manage the IT function as well as your business continuity planning. This includes governance practices, legal ramifications and the practical aspects of day to day management and business continuity.

Call us to discuss how to adjust your strategies and management structures to take advantage of cloud based services.