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We turn your Information Technology systems into exceptional business tools.

NeoNexus is dedicated to ensuring your business success by providing you with understandable management advice focused on your business.

If you're like most businesses, your Information Technology systems have become essential to your operations and success over the past few years.

However, many systems do not live up to their promise. In fact some see their technology systems as a frustration as much as a help. NeoNexus provides business focused management advice and services to remedy this situation.

The staff at NeoNexus understand the connection between business needs and technology. We take care to understand how your business operates. We then work with to you to get the best out of systems you already have and to develop and implement technology solutions that empower your business, taking the mystery out of technology.

We pride ourselves on developing comprehensive business solutions that make sense to your budget and your business goals.

Our services in a nutshell:

  • We provide IT management services
    NeoNexus ensures your technology strategy and business goals are in sync. We can produce business continuity plans. We offer risk management advice. We can turn around poorly performing IT departments. We can put in place policy and governance processes.
  • We provide independent technology advice
    Let us help you to objectively choose the right products and services from the myriad options available. We don't sell products, so we can offer unbiased advice.
  • We develop customised software systems
    Sometimes packaged software does not provide the benefits you know you need. Your unique business processes may need unique software to provide competitive advantage. NeoNexus can cost effectively deliver custom software.
  • We can streamline your business processes
    The success of any business is a set of well defined processes. Just think of McDonalds! We work with you to understand and fine tune your business processes and then automate those processes to achieve cost reductions and revenue gains.
  • We fix information technology systems that don't work well
    Sadly, many businesses have a mixture of technology systems that don't work well together, are outdated and are the source of endless frustrations. We can find the problems and ensure that your systems work as true business tools.